If you are performing installation you can encounter two types of errors.

Incorrect access data to database

If you provide incorrect access data to database, you will see error page similar to this: Installation error In this case you need to check .env file in the root of the logstats source codes. You can either correct them directly or set INSTALLATION_STEP to number 2 (INSTALLATION_STEP=2). Then you can reload the page.

Database error

This error will probably occur, when tables cannot be created (e.g when tables with same name already exist). Installation error You need to resolve the problem according to the error message. Then you will be taken back to database setup step.

Unknown error message

If you encounter unknown error, please see storage/logs/laravel.log and create new issue on github with given error message. Another possibility is to temporary set APP_DEBUG to 1 in .env file and recreate the error. Then you will see full error message.