This page is only visible when you have chosen project on Projects page and is specific for that given project.

Log page enables you to view your records. You can filter them by their message, level, date or context. In example below, you can see all records in given timeframe (from 31.12.2015 to 3.2.2016) where message contains text "purchase", level is "info" and in context, name is "Megan" and age is greater than 50.


Advanced options


You can add filters, by clicking on "+ Filters" button.

Filtering by context

When filtering by value in context you need to specify property name, property type (string, number or boolean), comparison type, and value.
When you have more difficult context (with nested associative arrays) you can use dot as the separator (for example "user.name" or "product.price")

Export in CSV

By clicking "Export in CSV" button, you can export records (filtered by created filters) in CSV format